Briec-sur-l'Odet < > Elliant

STAGE PROFILE :  24.5 km  6h10


00.0 – Briec-sur-l'Odet – Grande Place, south side of the church. Take Rue de la Boissière. At the junction (traffic-lights) 600m away, continue opposite in the direction of Landudal, crossing the D72. 800m further, leave the Landudal road by the left, crossing the stream of Langelin. You can see the château de la Boixière (Boíssière), which is not open to visitors.

At the next junction (Petite Boixière), turn right and keep to the same side to take the former GR® 38 which rejoins the Landudal road after nearly 2km. A view over the chapel of Trolez. Go down to the left a far as Croaz an Turc. On the Calvary of the chapel of Saint-Guénolé de Trolez (800m A/R), there is a 16th century statue of St James, dressed as a pilgrim, sculpted at the back of Christ on the eastern side of the Cross.

Leave the road for Landudal by the left, after 200m (after a stream) to go up – after having turned right after Kerguen – as far as Park Nevez where you head right onto a path which passes through Kermaria, then turn right (8km) and reach a road. (Opposite, 400m away, is the chapel of Saint-Yves which contains a statue of St James, and a Cross). Take the road to the left.

2h30 10.0 – Go alongside the demesne of the château de Trohanet. At the top, on an uphill bend, with a private property facing you, go up right onto a path and come out – after having crossed a road and after a little less than 1km – onto the D51 which you follow to the left as far as Croaz ar Stang. At the junction turn right and continue for 500m approx, before going left down a path, after 600m, which leads to the market town of ...

3h35 14.5 – ... Langolen. Leave the church on your right and exit the town. After 400m, take a right onto the Circuit du Moulin which goes down into the valley of the river Odet. Come out onto the D50 and head left along it.

You leave Pays Glazik (blue) to enter Pays Melenik (yellow). Cross the bridge over the Odet and, 250m further, turn right. Stay right. Pass a tributary of the Odet and start up to the left (south-west) on a long uphill climb of 1.3km towards Ty Vigen and the junction of Ty Coat after 500m. Go up left onto the D15 (very busy) for 75m ; cross it and take the little road on the right which leads –having veered right after 600m – to the area of ...

5h15 21.0 – Tréanna and its chapel of Sainte-Anne (closed). After the chapel, take a left onto the road for Elliant (D150). (You can get to Elliant in less than 4km by following this D-road). Go as far as a Calvary a little more than 500m away on the left : and on the same side head onto the path which goes down to the river Jet (one of the rivers which join at Quimper, the two others being the Odet and the Steir. In the Breton language, kemper means a joining or confluence of rivers.) Pass behind the old mill of Tréanna (currently under restoration) and cross the stream on the blocks (stepping stones ?) to get back onto the path and come out onto a road, which you take to the left for 250m then right via the hamlets of Kertanguy (where you turn left), Stang Askell and, going right at the intersection, Park Mar.

Option : From this last-named place, you can head right– turning left at Croas Lanniec – for a little less than 2km, to the market town of ...

6h30 26.0 – ... Elliant. (If the church is closed, go to the Bazar for the key and the pilgrim stamp) To get back onto the Way, it is necessary to return to Park Mar.