27.5 km  6h50


Km 0 : Leaving Plomarc'h , take the GR towards the Gallo-Roman site, as far as the explanatory sign at the wash-house (lavoir). Near the lavoir, stay on the large path.

Km 0.6 : At the Gallo-Roman site : garum (i.e. fermented fish sauce, a Roman condiment) vats (explanatory sign) stay on the main path (GR) as far as the road.

Km 1.2 : Take a left, then the road to the right in the direction of Plogonnec (Rue Morvan Lebesque) as far as the water-tower.

Km 2 : Near the water-tower, turn right onto a small path between two wooden barriers. Go through the housing development on the right-hand road.

Km 2.4 : At the far end of the development, turn right and go down as far as the roundabout of Lannugat then, take the greenway (voie verte) on the left : this is the old Douarnenez –Quimper railway.

1h - Km 3.2: Follow the greenway for 15 km. You will see a walkway to Juch railway station (where you can head up to the town, 500m away, to see the XVI and XVIII church dedicated to St-Maudet and to Notre-Dame. There is a statue of St-Michel overpowering a strange demon: the devil of Juch!). Another walkway near the chapel of Sainte-Brigitte. Further along is Guengat railway station.

4h 30 - Km 18.2 : At Kervéguen  (in the commune of Guengat) leave the greenway and take a left in the direction of the chapel of Notre-Dame de Lorette. At the intersection, cross the road (attention busy road) and take a right (area of Toul Tring). 500m further, take the road on the left in the direction of Roz-ar-Brug and Moulin de la Lorette.

Km 19.1 : Turn right on the bridge crossing the Quimper-Brest railway , pass by the Moulin de la Lorette, follow the road Chemin de Troheir and the GR waymarks. At the top of the slope, turn right onto Traverse de Kerzu. At the village, turn left, still following the GR.

5h 20 - Km 21.2 : Leave the road for Kermeuzin to the right, keep following the GR.

Km 21.9 : At the junction, take a right, still with the GR. At the crossing with the path for Troheir and the path for Kerben take a right towards the railway. Cross the bridge over the river Steir and go up as far as the roundabout.

Km 23.5 : Go around the roundabout by the right, following the GR.

(5H45) From this point you can estimate 4 km and 45 minutes to reach the centre of Quimper and the cathedral.

Follow the GR in the direction of Industrial Zone Z.I. KERGOLVEZ. Go through the passage under the motorway, around the second roundabout, keeping with the GR and signage for Z.I. KERGOLVEZ.

Km 24 : Go down to the right and take an immediate left onto the road heading downhill. After 100m there is a barrier ; go straight ahead along the dirt track which heads between fields and woodland for 1km. (the river Steïr will reappear on your left, and the community hall Avel Vor will be on your right).

Go over two walkways and a passage under the railway. On the right, behind the wire fence is the Saupiquet factory. Arrive in the quarter of Moulin Vert. Keep following the GR alongside the river.

Km 25.2 : Turn left and cross over the lock, and keep following the river, which is now on your right, through the plain of Moulin Vert for 1km.

(On the left, before arriving at the roundabout, notice the fountain (end of XV century) which was part of the Manor demesne. The manor was demolished in 1970 to allow urban redeveloment to be undertaken.

Km 26.2 : At the Manoir roundabout, follow the GR to the right towards Rue Abel Villard and cross over to take a walkway under the bridge. (A cinema complex on your right). Keep straight ahead alongside the river Steïr, now again on your left, for 500m, passing through Parc de la Glacière.

Km 26.8 : Do not take the GR going left over the walkway, keep going straight ahead along the trail towards the centre of Quimper, marked in light blue, for 400m.

Km 27.2 : Arrive at Pont Médard, an old drawbridge at the entrance to the fortified town.. To your left there is signage for the cathdral, via Rue Kéréon.

(At Pont Médard, going straight ahead would bring you to the lovely Place Terre au Duc, or the market hall. From Rue Kéréon, notice the adjoining roads with half-timbered houses and the historic centre towards Place au Beurre)

6H20 - Km 27.5 : Keep heading for the cathedral, your finishing point on this stage.