Locquirec <  >  Morlaix

STAGE PROFILE: 31.0 km  7hr 45min


00.0– Locquirec. From the 0km starting point at the church, go along the rue de l’Eglise (Church Road). Cross in front of the parking lot which is facing the sea. Take « Vieille Côte » road. Turn left before the mayor’s office down a little narrow road which goes down to the harbour and along by the sea for 100m before taking the steps on the right. Follow on the left route de Plestin (GR, tarmac). At 100m, go down towards the sea by a track which goes up again to get back onto the route de Plestin. There go left, before taking, on the left a narrow path (chemin de la Falaise – cliff walk). After 450m, at the exit of the path, having gone past a campsite, leave the GR and cross the road to find the rue de Kermanquer facing you. At the end of this road, take the paved road on the left which goes towards Kerboulic (1.5km) then on to Croas Hent. Continue ahead by the impasse (dead-end) of Keranroch, passing near to the water tower. Follow this road which will bend right and go down straight ahead to the place called « Menguy » 650m away. At Menguy, go left down a pretty track (chemin de la péninsule) which heads into the woodland. After a little less than 1km, you can go up to the left towards the pretty chapel of Notre-Dame des Joies, then retrace your steps OR go directly to the right by a path which leads to a road. There take a right. At 50m, go back up to the left by a hollow path (i.e. with embankments and usually treelined) which leads, in a little more than 200m, onto a road, where you go left straight to the market town of ...

1h45 7.2 –... Guimaëc. Head in the direction of Lanmeur (D 64) and, after 300 m, turn left onto route de Traon Voas (signposted Hent Traon Oas). After 50m, take the 2nd road on the left. At Tranvoas, at the intersection, continue to the right for a little more than 1km. At the next intersection, go right. Pass the hamlet of Kerlaeron and continue on the right for a little more than 1km towards the market town of Lanmeur.

At the outskirts of the market town of Lanmeur, at the beginning of the downhill, after house No.11, go up on the right the venelle de Rutraon. Cut across the D-road and head up the dead-end in front of you. Go through the cemetery gate to visit Notre Dame de Kernitron. From the chapel, leave heading left then, after the carpark, again to the left to find the parish church dedicated to St Mélar of...

2h30 10,0... Lanmeur. Leaving the church, take the rue du Sant-Sacrement then the rue Ty-Mélar which becomes a dirt road. At the tarmac road, turn right. Leave a road on your left and, a little further, take on your left the« Chemin du Sabot de Saint Mélar » then, facing you, the “Douves de Saint-Mélar” path. Continue along the track as far as a tarmac road. Turn right and, 100m afterwards, again right into a gravel pathway for less than 500m. Take a left and carry on straight ahead as far as a tarmac road 700m away. Cross it and head onto the track nearly opposite. Bear left at the intersection where the tracks join (goose-foot shape). Go alongside the boundary fence of the civil aerodrome. At the tarmac road, after 1.3km, turn left and then, after 250m, turn right in the direction of Goaschéo. At the crossroads, before the residential house, take a left in the direction of La Salle Ganet. Pass by and continue to the minor road (route communale) (km 15.9).

There go up to the right; leave the Corniou farm on the left and take, 250m further on, on the left, a grassy, then gravel, path as far as the village of Pen Ar Guer. Cross the paved road. Go down on the opposite side towards Calamary, then, turning right, towards Traon Teucher, Brignolec and Pors Ar Prat going through each village. After approx 350m, before Runcroas, go left towards Kervec. At 50m, don’t head for Kerseach on the right but continue along the road to Kervec. Just afer the village, take the hollow track (i.e. with embankment, usually treelined) on the right (Watch out, the entry point is hardly visible) then pass a concrete bridge before taking a forest track on the right. Again watch out, about 100m further, go once more to the right by a little secondary path, down towards the reservoir. Leave that on your right and continue along a big forest track to rejoin, approx 500m further, the D46 (a very busy road). Turn right to head towards Dourduff-en-Terre, ignoring the two tracks going off to the left.

After the bridge, continue 100m and take a right up a little uphill path. Turn left in the woods before re-crossing the D46. Take the track on the opposite side. Where the tracks cross, follow the PR itinerary « La vallée maritime du Dourduff » (signposted) which, still within the woodland, turns immediately left. Staying on the main track, go down towards the River Dourduff and follow to the right the botanical coastal track, through the forest, which leads, after a little more than 1.5km to the village of ...

5h50 23.7 –... Dourduff-en-Mer. Cross the bridge and turn left. Go along the headland for 750m, as far as a little tarmac road upon which you go right, and then almost immediately leave on the right, near a disused transformer (GR). Go up the path as far as Lycée agricole de Suscinio. At the top of the carpark for the botanical gardens and château of Suscinio continue straight ahead along the road (gated path on the left). Don’t take the GR which, after 400m, goes off to the right. At 1km, at the stop sign, turn left and, 100m further, turn right into rue de Kermaría. At the end of that road, 700m on, as you go in to the centre of Ploujean, turn right into rue du Croissant, the immediately right, along by the church in the rue de la Maison de Paille.
At the junction of la Croix, turn left, before Notre Dame school, in the direction of Roz ar Menez-Keranroux. (Attention : no St James waymarking in this private property which you are crossing. Follow the GR® marks). From the school follow the main avenue. At 100m, don’t go down the first track on the left (signposted Morlaix). At Roz ar Menez go left in the direction of Keranroux. At the signpost « Accès interdit au public, passage privé [public access forbidden, private path] » follow the GR to the left in the direction of Morlaix-Ploujean. At 50m turn right. Continue through the woods and around the château. Don’t go towards the pond. Go past the dovecote. Continue along the main avenue as far as the exit of the park ignoring a track to your right. At the gates, turn right onto a tarmac road. When you reach the departmental road (29.3km), go up River Morlaix by the left. At the upstream end of the area of water contained by the tidal barrier, at the roundabout, go onto the other bank and take a left towards the centre of ...

7h45 31,0– ... Morlaix.

Attention. To get to :

  • Youth Hostel /Auberge de jeunesse (approx 450m). At the roundabout, at the upstream end of the area of water contained by the tidal barrier, go to the other bank of the river and go off to the right leaving the buildings of the old tobacco factory on your left.
  • the gîte 'Le Logis des Écluses', follow the same route almost as far as the viaduct. (approx 1 km).
    See the description of how to cross Morlaix at the end of the Moguériec-Morlaix stage.