Pont-Scorff – Brandérion

STAGE PROFILE (22.4km) 5hr 35


00.0 - Pont-Scorff. With your back to the mairie [mayor’s office] and the church, go forward along the left of the square. At the far end, bear right. Go down as far as the blockhaus and turn left. The path goes by two ‘lavoirs’ (public wash-houses). After the second one, take a left, then take a right to arrive on rue du Vieux-Pont which shortly afterwards goes past the remains of the chapel of the Hospitalliers of Saint Jean of Jérusalem before crossing the old bridge over the Scorff, at the base of the old Malthouse at Clerguer. Carry on straight ahead on rue du Pont Romain, cross the D26 (rue Charles Renaud) to get to the chapel of Notre Dame de Bonne Nouvelle.

Go up to the right of the chapel for 1km as far as the junction of Kergroaz. Take a right (direction of Pont-Scorff) to get back onto the D26 : go right for 80m before heading left in the direction of Croix du Scouhel (You could also, for safety, take the border alongside fields before the D26, to rejoin the path opposite the small road for Kerleau). Bear left towards Kerleau and go through the village. Shortly after, just before a wooded area (2.9km), head right along the path which goes down to the stream. Cross the little bridge. Leave the village of Guindo on your left and go up the small road.

Pass Kerbellec and, a little further on, turn left at the junction. After 150m, take a [chemin d'exploitation] forestry? vehicular access track which leads to the area of Brambo which is 800m away. Straight ahead, cross a road, then pass through the hamlet of Moustoiric bearing left then immediately right ; continue as far as the D26. Turn right to arrive very quickly at the village of...

1h40 06,5 ... Saint-Séverin. Straight ahead, pass a roundabout and then under the bridge of the D769 and take, 200m further, a gravel path to the right. At the next crossing (500m) take a left towards the area of Penhouet. Go through and cross a junction (take care in case of heavy traffic) and continue straight ahead as far as Saint-Coner. After the hamlet, bear left and go down a paved road. 300m after, while heading uphill, take a dirt track on the left. At the T-junction, take a right. At another T-junction take a left and get to the D769bis1 and the EDF (Electricité de France) offices of ...

2h30 09.9 ... Poteau Rouge. Take the D769 bis to the left for 30m, cross it and take the little road opposite, and head towards Saint-Sulan, 500m away. At the far outskirts, on a bend, take a chemin d'exploitation [forestry vehicular access path] which heads right in the woodland. After 1km take the road to the left for 30m and go down the path to the right towards the river Blavet. At the junction with a gravel road 400m further, go right for a little more than 1.3km the turn onto a path on the left which leads to the campsite 600m away. Follow the banks of the river Blavet for 600m, cross the river on a ‘passerelle’ overbridge on the left to get to the town of ...

3h40 14,5 ... Hennebont-centre, on the left bank (quai du Pont Neuf), facing the walled town which one can visit, as well as the basilica of Notre Dame du Paradis; simply return to the bank of the Blavet to get back onto your path.

After the overbridge, the path continues alongside the river Blavet ; after 200m cross the junction (traffic lights) to the opposite side and continue along by the Blavet. After 300m, take a steps on the left, then rue de Kérihouais straight ahead. At the roundabout take a right and 100m later (little supermarket opposite you) take a path to the left. A little less than 1km away, a ramp leads to a passage under a road (commercial centre 200m to the left on this road). The path leads straight ahead and 500m further, to the chapel of St-Antoine (16.8km). Take the road to your left just after the chapel, then the road to the right 100m further on (chemin des Hauts de Saint-Antoine) through a housing development. This road continues onto the small route de Mané Braignau which crosses the expressway Lorient-Rennes via a bridge.

After having crossed the road, carry on straight ahead on a gravel path for 1km. At the second crossing, take the road to the left for 200m, then go right onto a gravel path for a little less than 1km. Having reached the hamlet of Ganquis (accommodation 200m to the right) take a road opposite you which turns right before reaching a grassy path between two fields and then enters a woodland. When you get to where you are facing a wall, take the path to the left which leads to the road, upon which you go right, to enter, via the avenue Abbé Louis Le Cam, the centre of the market town of...

5h35  22.4 ... Brandérion (Place de la Libération, near the church)..

ATTENTION : The waymarking is of the old type (directional scallop) as far as Blavet (12km) and then of the new type (GR style) as far as Brandérion (see the waymarking page on this website)