Lanvollon < > Boqueho

6h50   27,7 km


00.0 – At Lanvollon, take the D 9 in the direction of Goudelin. After the rounabout, follow the second road on the right in the direction of Cléhignau. Pass through one junction. At the second, continue straight ahead in the same direction. Leave the hamlet of Keruzaré to your right. At the area of Cléhignaux, take a right, then a left as far as the bridge which spans the river Leff

After the bridge, take a left, go alongside the Leff for 200m and take a little chemin creux (embanked tree-lined path) to your right. Go up it as far as a tarmac road. Take a right ; at the next junction take a left. Walk as far as the next intersection. Go through the junction, follow the next dirt track on the right. Carry on as far as a road, and turn left in the direction of the chapel of Notre-Dame-de-l'Isle. Continue on along the road ; cross the D9 and get to.

1h25 05.9 – ... the town of Goudelin. At the square [la place], take the D 67 in the direction of Bringolo. At the outskirts of Goudelin, follow the second road on the left in the direction of Kerual, Kervaudry and Kerlian. Pass through the hamlet of Kerual, then take the first road on the right in the direction of Kerlian. There, go to the right in the direction of the Château de la Grand-Ville. Go along by the property and take a left at the first junction. Continue on past a small lake and go up towards...

2h35 10.4 – ... the chapel of Saint-Mélard, situated facing the intersection with the D 7. Turn right and take the first path on the right in the village of Mélard. Follow it for about 1km as far as an intersection with a tarmac road. Take a left, then the first right in the direction of the hamlet of Pebel.
Having reached the D 84 after about 1.3 km, go right then take the first farm track on the left. Carry on towards Kerouzo. At the junction, take a left along the D 67 as far as Kerlée-les-Fontaines. At the intersection, go straight ahead and head down towards Châtelaudren, passing by the Manoir des Fontaines.

4h00 16.0 – In Châtelaudren, cross the D 721, and take the steps opposite, go down them and turn left at the end of the small road (Rue Trévédy) onto Rue Pasteur. Go along the right-hand side of the Place des Sapeurs-Pompiers (firefighters) to head opposite–leaving Rue de la Gare to your right –onto the little Rue du Leff which ends with a small steps. In this way you reach Rue du Maillet then, heading up, very shortly the little square of the same name. Continue ahead, keeping to the left and on down via a passage through a wall, towards a pond, which you go around to the right. After about 200 m and after having passed the 40km waymark of the Pilgrim Way Chemin de St Jacques, go up to the right before the campsite onto Rue de la Gare which you follow towards the left. After 350 m, fork left in the direction of Quintin on the D 7 (Rue de Quintin) and go past the signpost for the railway station [La Gare] then under the railway bridge.

Leave Châtelaudren, on your way going through a roundabout, and continuing along the D7 to pass under the Brest-Rennes motorway. Leave the exit ramp and at a roundabout follow the next road on the right in the direction of the Zone Artisanale de Fournello. Take the second road on the left (old Roman Road which went from Châtelaudren to Quintin), in the direction of Rue Neuve. Pass through this hamlet and walk as far as Kerusano (chapel of Saint-Jacques undergoing restoration). Continue as far as the bridge and turn right in the direction of Guernonio.

5h20 21.8 – In the hamlet of Guernonio, keep to the left on a road which becomes a farm track. Carry on as far as an intersection. Take the first road on the left. Go up the path (botanical) as far as a road junction. Go to the right as far as the junction with the D 24 (km 24) ; keep straight ahead. Leave the hamlet of Kerpistolet to the right and go down towards the area of Ville Morin. Leave the area of Kernabat de Pitié to the right then, at the Cross, turn left towards the chapel of Notre-Dame-de-Pitié. At the left of the chapel, take a chemin creux (embanked, tree-lined path) and go down towards the hamlet of Kergadic, Take a right, then a left in the direction of the Ville Chevalier junction. Here you go left and reach...

6h50 27.7 – ... the town of Boqueho, the end of the stage.