Saint-Médard-en-l’Ille < > Sens-de-Bretagne

16.0 km 4h00

Directions :

0.00 - Leave Place de l’Église de Saint-Médard and after having passed a manor house situated behind the chancel of the church, take Chemin du Louvre. After 150m, go right to get onto a path which goes alongside a field for 300m.

Continue straight ahead, after having crossed a recently-tarmacked road, for 550m along a grassy farmtrack, which becomes tree-lined ‘hollow’ path for a bit less than 150m, then again becomes farmtrack bordered by beautiful big oak trees.

At the intersection (farm of Le Mortier) with the D91 (1.5km), go right, then immediately go up to the left towards « Les Cours Roger». After 450m you will go around this old farmstead, now a residence, via a grassy path to the right, before going down a narrow tree-lined path. 200m further there is an interesction with a path near the farm called "Le Mézeray".

Fork left then immediately right after the first house and continue to go down towards a stream. Here, following the GR®, go opposite you into a steep tree-lined ‘hollow’ path as far as..

0h40 2.7 - ... area of Le Haut Launay. Take a right after an abandoned house, onto a wide avenue 300m long, bordered with oak and chestnut trees. Continue to the left, following the GR®, by a narrow path alongside a field. After 300m, enter to the left into the edge of a small wood to come out, after 150m onto a farm track which can be flooded during rain. Before the farm of Marylande (3.9km), fork left to follow a path alongside a field and come out at...

1h00 4.1 - ... the D221. Carefully cross this D-road after having headed to the right, in order to get almost immediately onto a tarmac road to the left. After 1.5km, at the intersection, take a left then immediately turn right. Pass the areas of La Haute Besnardière and La Besnardière before coming to the D90 (wooden cross on your right) after 750m. Fork left to arrive, after about 700m, at...

1h45 6.9 - ... Andouillé-Neuville. Leave the D23 to your right (a new development in the town) before passing in front of the Mairie (town hall) on your left. Go right towards Neuville (D90) then fork right after the cemetery onto Rue du Moulin and, after 50m, go left to pass by the superb church whose clock tower is reflected in the calm waters below.

You can take a break here before continuing, following the edge of the pond. After 500m, go left to continue for a little less than 2km along the tarmac road beside the woods of La Fertais, to the right, in order to get to a junction just after a bend. Here turn right and continue for a bit less than 600m to...

2h30 10.1 - ... the area of «Gilbert ». Here take a right on a road which curves to the left. 200m after the bend, take a tree-lined cart track on the right which curves to the left after 600m and continues for a bit more than 1km to a small tarmac road. Head opposite onto a farm track (wet in winter) which borders a field after 300m, and after another 300m comes out onto a tarmac road.

Take this road to the left, then, after 300m – and having left another road to your left – turn right towards the large village of La Hurlais 450m away (14.5km). Notice here some fine restored houses. Turn right in the village to get to the D92. Take this D-road to the left to enter Sens-de-Bretagne via Rue Beaumanoir. At the intersection with Avenue Philippe-de-Volvire, go left to find 40m further on ...

4h00 16.00 -... Place de la Mairie de Sens-de-Bretagne.