The Ways of Santiago de Compostela in Brittany


On the map below, are showned the ways of Saint-Jacob that the Breton Association of the friends of Saint-Jacob de Compostelle recognized, rehabilitated, marked out and of which it ensures maintenance.

>>> The cities, or sometimes villages, placed on these various paths of the card are the city-stages indexed by our Association in our guides.

For more détails, see in the headings of our website for each way or click on the shells of the map.


Bretagne Compostelle 800


The colors of the traces correspond to the ways as described in the guides (in french) that publish our association and which it markets. These guides are presented in the "Paths in Brittany" in the matching pages to each of the described tract.

A pathway is also proposed to help you to go from Saint-Malo to Mont St Michel in order to reach the Way of Plantagenets or the Way of the Capital Cities. Click HERE to download the description (in French) and HERE to view the route on Google Maps.