Pointe Saint-Matthieu < > Sainte-Anne-du-Portzic

STAGE PROFILE: 26.3 km  6hr 35min


00.0 – Pointe Saint-Matthieu (St Matthew’s Point). Having taken the time to visit the area, go to Perzel beach, near the chapel of Notre Dame de Grace. This is the 0km starting point which is marked with a granite stele, inaugurated Sunday 4 August 2013. Set out on the coastal footpath, with your back to St Matthew’s Point. Continue towards the shore of Keryunan, then the point of Créac'h Meur (5.2km) recognisable from afar because of the borne on the summit. The path turns NE, giving a different perspective, towards Bertheaurne Fort (visits possible in season).

The footpath turns north offering a new panorama. Walk across the sands of the small beach at Perz. Go through the quartier St Yves by a tarmac road to arrive at the resort of Plougonvelin.

2hr15min 09.0 – Le Trez-Hir. Walk alongside the beach. Go back up onto the road for 300m. Take care ! narrow margins and footpath, with heavy traffic during holiday season. Take a right in a housing development. Continue above St Anne’s beach. At the end of the beach, between the sea and the footpath, there is a statue of St Anne. Go down to the shoreline of Cosquer. Arrive at Porsmilin beach.

3hr00min 11.9 – Then Portez beach, then Tréganna beach. The footpath passes by Déolen creek (16.0km). Go around to the left of Toulbroc'h military zone to arrive at Minou with its beach, maërl gravel bank, fort and lighthouse.

4hr50min 19.2 – After pointe du Petit Minou, a new change of direction (E.N.E.) and new perspective. The coast seems to follow a straight line with a focal point of the Portzic lighthouse. Goulet begins here, punctuated at the midpoint by Roche Mengant. On the right, the Roscanvel peninsula and the Pointe des Espagnols. On the way, impressive Mengant fort, the fort of Dellec which can be visited ; the bay and beach of Dellec; the bay, beach and harbour of ...

6hr35min 26.3 – Sainte-Anne-du-Portzic.

>> To get to Goulet campsite (rooms and mobile homes) :

  • either, instead of taking the footpath to the right, at the exit of St Anne continue on the steeply sloping road (passing by the foot of the chapel, on the right) to the junction. Turn right. Near Le Floch Déménagement, take a left and follow the signs (1.5km beyond St Anne). Campsite has basic food supplies.
  • Or, take the marked route as far as Maison Blanche. There take the PR®*to the left which goes by the bottom of the campsite after 500m (4km from St Anne)

From the campsite, to rejoin the waymarked footpath :

  • Either walk back to the point where you left the trail ;
  • Or, at the bottom of the campsite, on the right, take the PR®* which leads to the area of Maison Blanche (a small distance from the coastal path)

*marked path, usually a single yellow horizontal line painted on trees, stones, etc.