Châteaulin < > Briec-sur-l'Odet

STAGE PROFILE:  27.7 km  6h45


00,0 – Châteaulin – Leave from the D887 roadbridge on the left bank of the river Aulne. Go upriver (the river has been adapted for use by barges, ‘fleuve canalisé’), on a towpath alongside the road for Quimper (D770), then along the grassy bank. If the weather is rainy, leading to wet conditions underfoot, then near the first lock (Coatigrac'h), take the road for Saint-Coulitz and, once there, take the small road which leads to the motorway bridge over the Aulne, or else the direct road for Saint-Laurent, leaving by the church and the Mairie.

Pass by the Lock of Coatigrac'h (ruin of a small hydroelectric station), then the Lock of Toul ar Rodo, and also the Lock of Prat Hir. Continue towards the...

2h00 08.1 – ... motorway viaduct until, just before it, going up, by the right, onto the small road Saint-Coulitz - Lothey ; cross it and continue opposite onto a wide path. Walk 200m and head right onto the wooded slope. The path overlooks and goes alongside the motorway before heading uphill to go by the fountain of Troboa and, a little higher, the chapel of Saint-Laurent. Here you can see a statue of St. Jacques (James).

Go up the small road for 500m as far as an intersection of 5 paths marked with a Cross. Head onto the one which leaves slightly to your left, alongside a field, under Menez Troboa (165m) and go back down, 750m further, onto a road - where you go left – which leads to the D770 (former main road between Brest and Quimper). Cross the bridge over the railway. You are now in the territory of Briec, which has tarmacked almost all its pathways!...

2h45 11.0 – Go onto the D770 (very busy!) for a little more than 500m and take a left onto the D41 (direction of Gouézec - Lothey) which goes over the railway, and which you leave, going right, after 1km. This minor road leads to Trégain (a manor of which only the private chapel remains, which is visible), then to Garnilis (Calvary and private chapel of Saint-Sébastien. Ask for the key from the nearby farm, the owners welcome you to make a visit.)

At the next junction (16.1km), turn left, then at the fork go right. 1.3km further, go right. Pass near the chapel of Notre-Dame-d'Ilijour. Go up and then down the small (and pleasant) road on the southern slope of Menez Roc'h Meur (panorama). Pass Pen Parcou.

5h00 20.0 – At the junction of Kerouzic, continue straight ahead as far as the chapel of Saint-Vénec (you can get the key of the chapel from one of the houses on the right-hand side of the road 300m beforehand) From Saint-Vénec, retrace your steps (a little more than 1km there and back) and take a right onto the small road which goes down to the bottom of a wide and beautiful valley.

Take a left at Kervéguen, go uphill, and 2km further (after having turned left at a T-junction), reach the Calvary and chapel of La Magdeleine (24.3km) which is worth a visit (ask for the key from the house next-door). Pass over the motorway. At the junction of the D785 (fairly busy) turn right and – after having kept left at a roundabout with a Calvary to take the Rue Haute, a one-way street, with ‘no entry’ to traffic from this direction – head towards ...

6h45 27.7 – ... the centre of the market town of Briec-sur-l'Odet.