Landeleau < > Gourin

STAGE PROFILE:   26.2 km  6h30


00.0 – Leave Landeleau by the bottom of the Place de l’Église (church square), on the Carhaix road (D17). Go alongside the cemetery. Continue on the D-road for a little less than 2km to pass under the N164 (4-lane carriageway) near the motorway access ramp. At the T-junction, go left towards Spézet, cross the river Aulne and turn right again immediately, towards Spézet. Quickly cross the bridge over the river Hyères which has been turned into a canal (Canal from Nantes to Brest). At the first fork, towards Spézet, head right, on the canal towpath. Keep on it for 400m approx. – be careful ! – and go up, to the left, into the woods. Turn immediately left into a ‘hollow’ embankmented path which leads to the hamlet of Isle which you go through to get to a tarmac road, turn right. Don’t miss the first dirt track on the left, on the slope, a little less than 500m away !

Follow the dirt track for 850m, as far as the D17, where you go right. At the junction of Ker lzella-Lesquidic, 150m away, take an immediate right along a grassy path which goes alongside a cypress hedge. 100m further on, keep right onto a shady track as far as a little tarmac road 450m further on. Turn right, then, 60m further, to the left onto a track for a little less than 500m. Continue on the little tarmac road which follows it and leads towards a woods. Pass by a house (Pont ar Roc'h); go down to the stream and cross the bridge. Climb the track opposite which leads, 700m further on, to the church of...

1h35 06.7 – ... Spézet. Turn right (rue Eugène Hénaff) ; take on the left Venelle de la Fontaine and go along rue Feunteun Gorned on the right. Near the old hotel of Argoat, after 250m, head left towards the chapel of Crann (signposted) 400m away.

After the chapel, follow the road for 1km. At the hamlet of Fell, take the little tarmac road on the right towards Poulancerf, 500m away. There you take the road to the left as far as Kerbellec, 1km further, and just after a junction, turn left at a farmhouse and head down a shaded path, which bends right and heads downhill. After 700m, at a T-junction, turn left onto another track. A little more than 100m further, turn right, then left after 300m. 200m further on, go up left towards Kerhaliou. Before this area, at 350m, turn right onto a grassy path and follow it. Go left into a little woods, and along by the embankment on the right, and continue by a track as far as a road, 1250m from the area (of Kerhaliou). Follow the road to the right to the top of the incline for 600m. Take the GR38 on the left. After a turf bog, the track gets wider. Before a farm, take the little forest path on the right at the end of which you find the sign: "Roc'h ar Werc'hez" (Rocher de la Vierge).

4h00 15.9 – The statue of Notre-Dame des Montagnes Noires stands on the rocky ridge on the left. The Virgin looks as though she is greeting the passer-by and inviting him/her to go up to her. Leave the statue on your left and continue to go down to get to the tarmac road. There take a right. At the hamlet of Cudel, less than 500m away, turn left and take a little road which turns into a cart track and continues as a ‘hollow’ embankmented path. Keep going along this. After 700m, take a left and, 200m further on, another left [boundaries of the departments of Finistère and Morbihan.]. Continue by a cart track to a paved road 900m away.

Take the ‘hollow’ embankmented path opposite, in the woods, for a little more than 1.5km then turn right and 300m further on turn left. You arrive at a little paved road in a little less than 400m ; keep left and go along by the right of the farm in the area known as Goastom so that, after 200m, you can head left onto a slightly bigger road. After another 200m and, on a bend, take a path on the left, and 100m further on, a little road to the right (you are in the area of La Motte). 180m further on, on the bend, go left onto a path which you follow for 1.5km as far as a paved road (D301, the Spézet road, very busy so take care !) upon which you go right for nearly 100m before turning left onto a track. After 500m, you turn right near a little Cross, and 800m further on you arrive at a road, where you go right; 200m further, go left onto the D301 (Spézet road) to pass under the D1 road. At the outskirts of Gourin, turn onto the 2nd road on the left (rue de Cleuren); 100m away it continues as a track, carry on for 300m as far as rue du Bois Tronjoly. Go right to enter the Park of the communal (publicly owned?) château of Tronjoly (communal lodging place (gîte d'étape) on the right).

6h30 26.2 km – The centre of Gourin is 600m away. To get there, from the gîte, take a track (Allée de Tronjoly) which lead onto rue Paul Lohéac.