Antrain < > Le Mont-Saint-Michel

21,4 km  5h20

Directions :

0.00 - ... Leave Antrain, with the church behind you, taking Rue du Couesnon for about 50m then turn twice to the right into Rue de l’Abbé Jarry and then Rue des Douves, and after 150m go down a very steep treelined ‘hollow’ path for about 200m to get to the bank of the river Loisance, which has a large wash-house (lavoir) on the other bank. Turn right for 50m before crossing left over the lovely bridge spanning the river. Continue for 150m along Rue de Pontorson before taking two left turns at the outskirts of the town on the D175, then immediately onto the road which goes through an industrial establishment in the old Antrain railway station, after 700m from your starting point.

Continue alongside the factory to take the route of the old railway, which has been transformed into a narrow communal trail which the pilgrim will follow for a little more than 10km as far as the outskirts of Pontorson. The trail is pleasant, and at times shady. There are only a few road crossings, being at 2.4km [near a railway signal-house]; 4.1km [near farms in the area of «Taillepied» just after entering the department of Normandy.] 4.9 [area of «Le Gué Ferrier»] 5.7 [farm of La Courbe] ; 9.4 [near the town of Boucey].

2h40 10.5 – End of the old railway, converted to tarmac road. Continue straight ahead, passing between two rocks to go towards Pontorson. After 350m, come out, passing between two further rocks, onto Rue du Tilleul near a builders depot on the left. Continue straight ahead along this road and after having gone alongside a bus depot, cross Rue de Wassenberg at a roundabout and head onto Rue des Trois-Ponts opposite. Pass under a railway. Cross Boulevard Clemenceau to go opposite onto Rue Leconte de l’Isle, then, after a little roundabout (intersection with Rue du Couesnon), onto Rue St-Michel.

After the Tourist Office of Pontorson (11.5km), at house n°15, go diagonally left across Place de l’Hôtel de Ville, and a few metres along take a right onto Rue de Tanis before going along the left side of the church, crossing the Place de l’Eglise, till you get to Rue Notre-Dame which you take to the right for several metres before continuing into Rue Hédou, opposite the main entrance of the church. At the end of this road, turn left onto Rue du général Patton. After 150m, head right onto Rue Cours de la Victoire alongside a lovely little public gardens with a war memorial. Follow the waymarking « GR® » and green-way « Voie Verte  Mont-St-Michel » to arrive at the river Couesnon (12km) which the pilgrim now goes alongside, crossing a park bordered with trees for 300m. Continue straight ahead taking the green-way which is at first tarmacked and then further along re-surfaced with a new surface more pleasing to the walker’s feet.

3h55 15.5 – Pass along the back of the Hippodrome (racetrack) of Pontorson. Continue straight ahead and notice, as you get back to the tarmac just after the racetrack, on a height to your right the lovely windmill of Moidrey. Continue on this tarmac road, or go alongside the river Couesnon on a pedestrian track for about 1km, and cross at 17.2km the D478 (careful, danger !) near the La Grève quarter. Keep going to arrive, after having passed by the hotel area of Mont, near to ...

4h50 19.3 - ... the new dam on the Couesnon. Keep going via the new dam (1.85km) then for 760m on the causeway, then the ford for 120m towards...

5h20 21.4 - ... Mont-Saint-Michel, the final destination of your magnificent St Michael’s Way pilgrimage.