29 Km - 7h15

  • Pont-Croix- Mahalon: 8 Km
  • Mahalon – Confort : 2.8 Km
  • Confort- outskirts of Douarnenez :14.2 Km
  • Outskirts of Douarnenez – Gîtes des Plomarc'h : 4 Km


Km 0 : Leave the collegiale of PONT-CROIX and with your back to the Camino marker, take Rue Rosmadec as far as the large carpark. Go down to the right on Grande rue Chère  [be careful, the descent can be slippery in rainy conditions!]

Km 0.4 : Turn right then left towards the Goyen inlet. The area is named Kéridreuff : beware of traffic! Stay to the right to cross the bridge [to the right is the tidal mill of Kéridreuff]

At the junction with Rue du Moulin, go stright ahead for a few metres (on your right an old house dated 1677). Turn left onto Venelle des Pommiers.

Km 0.7 : Take the paved road to the right [lovely old houses] and follow it. Just before Poull ar Moeg , turn left onto a small country path between trees and stone walls. Cross a little stream on a wooden footbridge. (In wet weather, this path is not advised, stay on the road as far as the next junction where you rejoin the Way).

Km 1.2 : At the far end of the path, take a right onto the road. At the next junction, continue straight ahead in the direction of MAHALON. Go through the hamlet of Kermarie.

Km 2 : Turn left onto a wide dirt road. On a right hand bend, notice the remains of the bridge Pont des Druides over the Goyen. Continue straight ahead uphill as far as the hamlet of Larrin.

Km 3 : At the road, turn right then immediately left in the hamlet. Pass between the old houses, cross the road, and take the road opposite which becomes a dirt road.

Km 3.5 : Follow the dirt road on the left for 800m.

(1h 15 ) - Km 4.3 : At the road, go right for 50m and turn left onto a grassy path. Continue straight ahead alongside fields. Follow the waymarks on the poles along a narrow path bordering fields

Km 5 : The path goes down towards the valley. Turn right and pass near to the wash-house (lavoir). Go back up alongside a stone wall, then between trees and alongside a bank. At the road, go right, pass through the hamlet of Kerz Atao.

Km 6: At the junction, take a left in the direction of the town of MAHALON. At the next junction take a left towards the town. Cross on the pedestrian crossing before the town-limit sign of MAHALON and turn right towards Chemin des Hortensias (1.5 km longer, otherwise go directly towards the church)

Km 6.3 : Turn onto the path to the right which leads to the wash-house of Stang Irvin (100m further, and off the path, is the lovely cross and spring of Stang Irvin)

Km 6.6 : Take the path to the left to join the fitness trail, then the Chemin des Hortensias.

Km 7.2 : Follow the path to the left which leads up into a housing development. Go through the development, following the road. Just after the house painted blue, turn right onto a small path. After the school [Cross and Chapel of Saint-Pierre: XVI century]

(2h) - Km 8: Turn right towards the Church of Saint-Magloire [XII century, restored in the XVII century, on the pinion a sundial dated 1652]

MAHALON has shopping opportunities, toilets and a picnic area. There is a Gîte d'étape (hostel) and chambres d'hôtes (B&B).

Km 8 : 50m before the church, take a right onto the road for Hameau de Menez-Bris. Go straight ahead as far as the town limits (leave Chemin des Hortensias to your right). Stay on the road as far as the junction after Kéréval.

Km 9 : At the junction, follow the road to the left, pass through the hamlet of Boulen, leaving the village of Casavoyen to your right. Continue along the road which crosses the stream named Goyen.
Km 10 : 100m after the mill of Lesgoyen, take a left onto a woodland path. Further along, pass near some old animal sheds to keep right towards the church of MEILARS (dating from the XIII century, a parochial church until 1910, with a cemetery in which there is a Gallic standing stone which is now used as a Christian symbol).

Km 10.8 : At the cemetery, go right for 50m then left in the direction of CONFORT, take care here. At the outskirts of CONFORT, there is a Cross to the right.

At CONFORT there is a picnic area, toilets, restaurants and a crêperie.

Recommended visit : The Church of Notre-Dame (XVI) and its peal of bells: these are rung for baptisms and also for young children who are slow in developing language, note the stained glass windows and sablières (?sandpits), the monumental Cross with 13 apostles dating from the XVI century and recently restored; the statue of St James St-Jacques giving directions to the pilgrim. Pass to the right of the Cross and keep going along the righthand side of the road. (Watch out for traffic!)

(3h15) - Km 11.9 : At the junction at the town limits take a right onto the road for the villages of Kerscao and Kergoff . Pass through Kergoff, go straight down towards the quarry. After the quarry, continue to head down along the road to get to the village of Kerza.

Km 13.2 : On a bend near a pink house, take the path on the left. Then, at a junction of pathways, follow the path which goes uphill and brings you to the hamlet of Kernaoueret. (note pretty garden). Further along, leave the road for Kerza to the right and get to the large road between route Pont-Croix and Douarnenez. Caution regarding traffic (roadworks currently underway)

Cross this road, turn right, walk along the left-hand hard shoulder of the road for 50m then take a path on the left which goes alongside a field then heads into woodland. Continue on this path which leads directly to the Chapel of Kérinec, situated in the community of POULLAN-SUR-MER

(4h20) - Km 16 : Chapel of Kérinec (XII to XVII century): built upon a spring which in earlier times seems to have been a gathering place for a pagan cult. Note the pulpit with its carving of a gargoyle which seems to be blocking its ears! In earlier times, opposite the Cross, was the pilgrim hostel, which welcomed both pilgrims and the poor. XV fountain/spring, with picnic tables nearby.

Take the road after the fountain as far as the next junction (careful, heavy traffic).

Km 16.3 : At the junction go right towards Keredeg, pass near to a transformer, then near a manor house.

Km 16.8 : After the manor, go down and take a left towards Keredeg. Go through the hamlet (old well on the right), follow the farm track, keeping straight ahead as far as the hamlet of Buzit.

Km 18.1 : At Buzit, go left for 200m, then right towards Kervarzeg, then follow the farm track which passes between two banks. Go past the flower farm of Kerdunic (carefully re-close the wires of the fence, thank you!) Follow the road and, before the letter boxes, take a left onto the gravel road towards the mill Moulin de Kerdunic.

Km 19.7: After the mill, take the woodland path as far as the hamlet of Kerveoc'h (nicely restored sundial). Go as far as the marked tree-stump and continue, keeping to the right of the house, and go along the small road as far as the junction Carrefour de l'Espérance .

(5h45) - Km 20.6 : CROSS WITH CARE. At the old hotel l'Espérance, keep to the right for 50m , cross beyond the building then take the path on your left for 1 km (old Roman road)
Km 21.6 : Pass by the mill Moulin de pont Toullec, then continue straight along the road (marked red/white GR sign towards Douarnenez, Pass near Kergoff  and go as far as the junction of Croix de Lanriec. Continue to the left. Pass over Pont de Kersaudy, go straight up to the small junction above, and take a left onto the road for Garantez.

Km 23.7 : At the major road, follow the path on the left. At the signpost indicating Douarnenez, before the Kerem bus-stop, take the ‘no entry’ road on the left Rue Pierre Belbéoc'h, pass in front of the school and arrive at the church of Saint-Jacques de Pouldavid : built in the XIV century, worth a visit : 1696 altarpiece, paintings on the chancel panelling, polychrome wooden statues. [near the cemetery are toilets and water]

(6h45) - Km 24.2 : Pass to the left of the church of St-Jacques , and at the bottom of the steps turn left, then opposite the ‘no entry’ sign, go down to the right along Rue Jean Guellec. Opposite HLM, turn to the left of the building, cross the roundabout heading for Tréboul. (GR sign). Go up to Netto supermarket : where you can get provisions for tomorrow’s walk because there are no possibilities to do such shopping between Douarnenez and Quimper ; don’t forget to try the local speciality, the tasty Kouign Amann.

Cross opposite Netto, and continue as far as the end of the hard-shoulder. Take two right-hand turns to cross over the bridge.

Km 25 : Having reached the road, turn left and staying on the left following the side of the inlet. Pass in front of the Ateliers de l'ENFER. Follow along the quays of Port Rhu. There is a huge open-air museum giving the maritime history of Douarnenez. Pass by the museum Musée and continue alongside the Port-musée (bars, restaurants). Near an overbridge, continue straight ahead, following the GR. Opposite is the island Ile Tristan: classified nature reserve.

Km 27.6 : Go round to the left of the cisterns of Sobad, still following the GR for 1 Km. (numerous restaurants and cafés!). At the end, go up onto Rue Anatole France for 50m, then follow to the left Rue Quartier Maître Balanec. Now follow the signs for Gîte des Plomarc'h.

(8h) - Km 29 : Les PLOMARC'H :Gîte d'étape municipal (municipal hostel)